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Bulat (ブラート Burāto?)

is a former a high-ranking imperial officer known as "100 Man-Slayer 

Bulat". He decided to betray the Empire when his superior, Liver, was framed for not giving in to the Prime Minister's agenda. Bulat became disgusted with the Empire that cared more for bribes, than merit regardless of how hard he worked.[ch. 12] After leaving the Empire, he joined the Revolutionary Army, and eventually Night Raid. His Teigu, "Demon Armor: Incursio" (悪鬼纏身 インクルシオ Akki Tenshin: Inkurushio?),

is a short sword that summons a full-body armor that enhances Bulat's 

physical strength and allows him to blend with the environment.[ch. 2] After dying in a battle against Liver, who accepted Esdeath's offer of a pardon in exchange for his services, Bulat's Teigu is inherited by Tatsumi.[ch. 14] He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi.