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Chelsea (チェルシー Cherusī?)

is a seasoned assassin working for the Revolutionary Army, having 

successfully carried out countless missions. She is the sole survivor of

the Night Raid division that was stationed outside of the capital, 

which has been destroyed by Esdeath's Three Beasts warriors; she joined the Night Raid led by Najenda afterwards. While she is somewhat aloof and carefree when not on the job, she is also extremely objective and is

often quite blunt when voicing her opinions. Despite her nature, she 

becomes attracted to Tatsumi, admiring his resolve.[ch. 28] Her Teigu, "Phantasmagoria: Gaea Foundation" (変幻自在 ガイアファンデーション Hengen Jizai: Gaia Fandēshon?), is a cosmetics box that allows her to instantly change her appearance and build at will;[ch. 23] she also uses acupuncture needles to stab her targets in a vital when she gets into range. She is killed by Kurome, and her Teigu apparently destroyed.[ch. 3